Simple VirtualBox Set Up for Linux Server Fun Intro

I use VirtualBox to experiment with Linux all the time and yesterday I realized that I’ve set up Linux VMs on VirtualBox a dozen or so times by now. Each install involves a bit of googling around to remember how to do some routine tasks. I thought it might be more efficient to have all the documentation I need in one place, saving tab space on my browser. So why not place it here where others can see it?

Thus, I bring you the Simple VirtualBox Set-Up for Linux Server Fun three part series.

  1. In Part 1, noobs will learn how to create their own Virtual Machines using the VirtualBox GUI.
  2. In Part 2, linux novices will discover how to install Ubuntu Server into a VirtualBox VM.
  3. In Part 3, I’ll show some ways to get more out of your new Ubuntu Server VM.

Ubuntu Server and VirtualBox are the same from platform to platform so the concepts in this series should be helpful to most recent and future VirtualBox setups with a Ubuntu Server guest. Specifically, I’ll use Ubuntu Server 10.04.3 LTS 64bit, the virtualization host will be OS X Mointain Lion 10.8, and the version of VirtualBox is 4.2.1.

So stay tuned! I’m aiming to get all three parts done by tomorrow, Monday, October 8, 2012.


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